Prechádzka s Alpakami

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We offer an unforgettable opportunity to stroll with our amazing alpacas at our farm! Come and experience a unique adventure that will give you the chance to meet these beautiful animals in person.

During the walks, you will have the opportunity to learn more about alpacas, their environment, and personalities. Our experienced guides will gladly answer your questions and provide you with information about caring for and raising alpacas.

Additionally, this great activity will offer you the chance to spend time in nature, relax, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of our farm.

Don't hesitate to join us for this fun and educational alpaca walk! We look forward to welcoming you with smiles and open arms.

Prechádzka s Alpakami

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Brezová 46, Most pri Bratislave

900 46 Most pri Bratislave, Slovakia

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